Virginia Beach Chapter of Surfrider Foundation has partnered with Virginia Beach City Public Schools on a Reusable Bags 4 Youth Program. 1st and 4th Graders are presented with information regarding the problem of plastics in our Oceans and through a Problem Based Learning (PBL) project, students research oceans, marine animals, economics and human impacts and come up with the best solution to solve this problem.

  • Teachers can sign up here (at this time we are limited to schools in the Hampton Roads area only).
  • Read and download the Reusable Bags 4 Youth Teacher’s Guide here.
  • Donate to help us get more reusable bags out to our youth here.

More information:
At the end of their learning experience, the childrenbags4youth014 will be given a reusable shopping bag to decorate and take home to their families to use. Through this program, the children are given the knowledge to educate their families about plastic pollution and the tool (the reusable bag) to help their families Rise Above Plastics and refuse single-use plastic bags.

For this first year, two schools in Virginia Beach participated in this PBL pilot program: Seatack bags4youth011Elementary, an Achievable Dream Academy and Thoroughgood Elementary School. Bags were also distributed to 19 additional elementary schools with materials to conduct a one day lesson and bag decorating session. Our chapter distributed more than 2200 bags by the end of the school year.

For the 2016-2017 school year, our goal is to reach 3000 Virginia Beach students and 500 students from other Hampton Roads cities.

Several local stores offer discounts and incentives when you use your reusable shopping bags. These are the stores that we are aware of. If you know of any others, please let us know!

  • Farm Fresh ($.05 off your bill per bag)
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods ($.05 off your bill per bag or choice of non-profits to donate to)
  • Trader Joes (enter to win a gift certificate)

surf2This program is funded by the Virginia License Plate Revenue Sharing Program.

For more information, contact Christina at


Seatack Summit from VB Surfrider on Vimeo.