Virginia  Chapter

Monthly Beach Cleanups

We conduct monthly beach cleanups the 3rd Saturday of every month at a different location each month to ensure the cleanliness of our city’s beaches, all while engaging with you! We are open for suggestions, so if your beach needs help, let us know! Contact our Beach Cleanup Coordinators, Victor:

Beach cleanups are open to everyone! These events are family-friendly, so feel free to bring the kids along! We will provide gloves, grabbers and bags, so all you need to bring is your positive energy, reusable water bottle and sunblock. Always check the weather beforehand, dress appropriately and be prepared for inclement weather. The beach may be several degrees hotter/colder than inland temperatures depending on the wind and sun.

We know you can’t always make it to our regular monthly cleanups, but we know some of you may want to do a beach cleanup of your own. If you are willing and interested, please download our Beach Cleanup Data Form HERE to collect data on the trash that you remove during your cleanup. Once your cleanup is completed, please enter your data into the form below. If you have multiple data sheets from one cleanup, please tally them and enter your totals for that cleanup. Please send completed forms and any photos from your cleanup that you’d like us to share on our website and social media to Victor Enriquez at Victor will add your collected cleanup data to Surfrider Foundation cleanup results.

Thank you for being an advocate for our oceans, waves and beaches!