Virginia  Chapter

Blue Water Task Force

Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) is our member volunteer-run, water testing, education and advocacy program.


We use this program to alert citizens and officials in our communities about water quality problems and to work toward solutions. BWTF has demonstrated success by identifying problems with beach and coastal water pollution, raising public awareness and working with local stakeholders to implement solutions.

The Virginia Aquarium conducts water quality tests from our Blue Water Task Force eleven sites, to ensure that our waters are safe to swim and surf in year-round.  The Virginia chapter initiated our BWTF program in April 2014, and we are currently measuring bacteria levels at eleven beaches listed below.

We will post the results of each test to alert local citizens about water quality problems.

Water samples are being tested at the Virginia Aquarium’s water quality lab for Enterococcus and many other parameters.

Click here to see our most recent water testing results.

Click here to learn more about water quality parameters.

We are looking for volunteers for our BWTF Team! If you would like to volunteer to help collect samples, please contact Brian at