Virginia  Chapter


The following programs are supported by Surfrider Foundation headquarters.

Beach Access
private_beachSurfrider Foundation promotes the right of low-impact, free and open access to the world’s waves and beaches for all people. The right of beach access is constantly being challenged by private property owners, developers and even sea level rise. We are actively fighting for beach access in places where access has been cut off or is being threatened.

Beach Cleanups
We conduct monthly beach cleanups the 3rd Saturday of every month at a different location each month to ensure the cleanliness of our city’s beaches, all while engaging with you! We are open for suggestions, so if your beach needs help, let us know! Learn more about our monthly beach cleanups here.


Blue Water Task Force
BlueWaterTaskForce_1401Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) is our volunteer-run, water testing, education and advocacy program. We use this program to alert citizens and officials in our communities about water quality problems and to work toward solutions. BWTF has demonstrated success by identifying problems with beach and coastal water pollution, raising public awareness and working with local stakeholders to implement solutions. For more info about our local BWTF and water testing results, click here.

Ocean Friendly Gardens
OFG_Logo_FullColor_1401Urban runoff is often the primary source of ocean pollution. Ocean Friendly Gardens (OFG) educates and assists people in creating landscapes that utilize native plants, permeable groundcovers and water retention features to prevent urban runoff, create wildlife habitats and design beautiful spaces. Vegetable gardens can be OFGs too, as long as they apply CPR: Conservation, Permeability and Retention. For more information about our local Ocean Friendly Gardens, click here.

Ocean Friendly Restaurants
As a response to increased plastic pollution in the coastal zone and ocean gyres, Surfrider Foundation, Virginia Beach Chapter is implementing an Ocean Friendly Restaurants program in Coastal Virginia. A main goal is eliminating EPS foam foodware (aka Styrofoam) and excessive plastic straw distribution, because they are top items found at our beach cleanups. There are other types of pollution and issues that restaurants can help with so we added criteria such as conserving water and serving responsible food. Read more...



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