Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Butts collected during a scan at 1st Street

Butts collected during a scan at 1st Street

Cigarette butts are the most common source of litter on the planet. They are made of plastic and are often thrown on the ground without regard to where they might end up. During our 2015 “Butts, Brews and the Undead” we picked up almost 6,000 butts at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront in 10 blocks.

The Virginia Beach Chapter is participating in a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, funded by Keep America Beautiful and in partnership with Clean Virginia Waterways. This unique project is in its third year and is aimed at beach visitors with a focus on the Virginia Beach boardwalk and many of the hotels located on the boardwalk. Participating hotels are given a receptacle to place at their beach-side entrance, pocket ashtrays to hand out to their guests and educational materials.

The chapter is required to complete several before and after litter scans to determine success of the program. We have also committed to participating in at least five beach events to educate the public regarding cigarette litter.

If you are interested in helping out with this program, please contact